Thursday, 8 January 2009

What is RSS feed?

Here's something that I have just learned about and found to be very useful indeed. Say you have several blogs that you want to follow but find it troublesome to check all of the different sites or often find that there is no new postings on the sites, then you may want to use the RSS reader.

RSS is an easy way for anyone to keep track of the latest postings or news from their favourite websites in one convenient place.

RSS - which stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication - allows you to see the latest headlines from your favourite sites, and to then be able to click directly through to the articles that you want to read.

Using RSS Feeds on Mik's Apak sites:

Look for this icon or this icon and click on it.
A new window will be opened where you can choose to use either Google Reader or Google homepage as your preferred way of receiving and using RSS - you may need to register or subscribe to use your preferred service. If you have another reader, like My Yahoo, you can copy the feed URL into your RSS reader.

The sites that are available are:
Mik's Apak in Scotland              Subscribe using Google
Mik's Apak Favorite Movies             Subscribe using Google
Mik's Apak on Computers                    Subscribe using Google
Mik's Apak Favorite Daughter                 Subscribe using Google

Start using the feed to track the latest postings from Mik's Apak!

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